Background information about your organisation – how long has it been established, what services you offer, what’s your catchment area?

Community Interest Company, est. 2011.

DeafCOG, Deaf Cultural Outreach Group, is a community service provider and an umbrella organisation that hosts activities and projects that are of value to the Deaf community. The aim is to promote the Deaf identity positively; to create opportunities; to strengthen the community; and to provide community-led services in British Sign Language and Deaf culture. As a social enterprise covering the areas of both Brighton and Hove city and Sussex county, profits are reinvested to further the aims of DeafCOG and the Deaf community. DeafCOG is a Disabled People’s User Led Organisation (DPULO) and has a core belief that ‘deaf people can’ provide services and lead projects themselves, as well as in partnership with other organisations and social enterprises.

DeafCOG’s communityservice:

Personal Assistant (PA) support – We are part of the YOUchooseconsortium. We have a dedicated specialist team of PA’s who enjoy supporting clients in various ways to help a client become more independent with communication, living in the community and personal matters.

DeafCOG projects include:

  • Deaf Engagement. 
  • Our Space – a space for social learning and community engagement.
  • Deaf Celebrations. 
  • Deaf Diaspora! – an annual celebratory festival bringing the Deaf community, artists and traders together in the spirit of furthering our human and language rights.
  • Deaf Advancement – Working with people to develop their business ideas through networks, and access to DeafCOG’s resources.
  • Deaf Arts – Creating spaces for artists and artistic development.
  • Deaf Support. 

Community Connect – Combating Loneliness in Older Deaf People Project – Enabling older people to learn/ share strategies and build stronger networks to overcome loneliness.

  • Deaf Research and Development.

Mapping Deaf Spaces – researching the local Deaf community


Why you want to be involved in the YOUchoose consortium

We are stronger together, each consortium member is deaf-led in their approach and therefore are in the best position to share resources and expertise for the advancement of deaf-led services.

This makes us more cost effective in working with Commissionersas we can provide better outcomes.

We believe the consortium will create greater funding opportunities, ensuring a more positive impact within the deaf community. We can achieve this by sharing best practice and learning from and supporting each other.


What’s your vision for the future of YOUchoose?

Community resilience to current and future challenges; we will co-work with both our consortium members and our shared community to ensure the deaf community has a healthy position to securely navigate our increasingly turbulent society.

Together we can create an evidence base on the needs of deaf people with clearly demonstrated solutions at a high level.


Your website address

DeafCOG Web:                      www.deafcog.co.uk

Email:                                       info@deafcog.co.uk

Telephone/ Text:                  07541 492381

Facebook:                              Deaf Cultural Outreach Group (DeafCOG)

Twitter:                                    @deafcog