Background Information

Manchester Deaf Centre is one of the oldest charities in Manchester.  We first opened our doors in 1846 and we have been serving the Deaf community in Greater Manchester ever since.

The Manchester Deaf Centre exists to provide specialist support and services to the Deaf community living throughout Greater Manchester. We build on the assets in our community by promoting the independence of individuals and service user groups. Our services encourage peer interaction and integration thereby reducing isolation and exclusion from the wider community.

MDC provides Employment, Youth, Advice, Advocacy and YouChoose service. MDC also provides communication support service, Deaf Awareness training, and BSL teaching. MDC covers Greater Manchester in partnership with other Deaf centers.

Why do you want to be involved in the YOUchoose consortium ?

The people we work with have a range of auditory and sensory impairments and face an infinitely complex set of challenges every day of their lives, things that the hearing community take for granted.  These range from issues such as a lack of identity, low self-esteem, and barriers to education and employment, to everyday communication such as booking a GP appointment and being able to actually understand what their doctor is telling them!  The Deaf community really is a ‘silent’ community, these issues often go unaddressed and result in Deaf people becoming isolated and marginalized from mainstream society.

What is your vision for the future of YOUchoose?

MDC’s vision for the future of YOUchoose is for all partners to work together to provide a high-quality service that addresses the needs of the Deaf community.