We are a consortium of services working in local communities across the UK


We assess clients to see what support is needed and make recommendations about which services can help. This information is used by Care Managers and Commissioners when writing Care Plans and Support Plans.


We support clients who receive individual budgets and direct payments. We also support clients who pay for support privately. Details of the support is written in a support package. Social Workers, Commissioners and other professionals read the support package to make sure the clients get the support they need.


A Personal Assistant (also called a PA) works for a client who needs support.  A PA helps a client become more independent with communication, living in the community and personal matters.


We have a dedicated specialist team of PA’s who enjoy supporting clients. If you are interested in becoming a PA, we can help you through the registration process and help you get the right experience. If you are interested please contact us for a chat.

Who We Are

Our Service:

  • We have Personal Assistants (PAs) who are the people who support clients in the community
  • We have a management team who make sure appointments are covered with PAs
  • We have staff who assess clients to make sure they get the support they need.

Our Aim

  • YOUchoose helps clients stay independent or become independent.
  • Clients can decide which PA they want, where they want to meet them and for how long.
  • Clients set their goals and PAs work to make sure the goals are achieved. This can include becoming fitter or managing bills.

Our Approach

  • We believe every client is important
  • We believe every client is different
  • We ensure that our staff respect the languages, cultures, beliefs and aspirations of our clients.


Ten things commissioners need to know about YOUchoose!

1. We are a consortium of specialist care & community support providers
Established in April 2016, YOUchoose is a cooperative consortium.

2. We are ISO accredited
YOUchoose has achieved ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standard and ISO27001:2013 Information & Security.

3. We care about the deaf and hard of hearing community
YOUchoose is committed to providing accessible, safe and specialist support to the members of the deaf and hard of hearing community. Our objective is to promote independence so deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing people can maintain and improve their quality of life.

4. We value feedback
Service clients and their carers/families are encouraged to give feedback about our services. We ask our staff team how likely they are to recommend the organisation to friends and family. This feedback is used directly to improve services.

5. Our services are meeting Care Quality Commission (CQC) national standards
Service users/clients and their carers/families are encouraged to give feedback about our services. We ask our staff team how likely they are to recommend the organisation to friends and family. This feedback is used directly to improve services.

6. We are a fully inclusive community and personal care provider
YOUchoose provides community support and personal care services for adults irrespective of their age, gender, religion, sexuality or disability.

7. Our services receive local recognition
Service users, clients, families and commissioners value local delivery by local providers who know the community. We attract specialist PAs from the locality in order that service users receive the best support.

8. We value our staff
We maintain a fair level of pay for our PAs, above the minimum wage. We provide regular supervision and team meetings to support staff undertaking an often difficult job.

9. We are proud to be based in the heart of the deaf and hard of hearing communities we serve
YOUchoose delivers services from regional locations including the Midlands, Gloucestershire, Greater Manchester and Sussex. We meet clients in cafés and libraries to encourage community involvement. We meet clients in their homes or in meetings rooms (often located in our service buildings) to provide support where confidentiality is required.

10. We reinvest in the deaf and hard of hearing community
90% of YOUchoose staff team are deaf or hard of hearing. All YOUchoose partners are charities or social enterprises, aiming to reinvest surpluses into services for deaf and hard of hearing people.

Feedback from our Clients

We appreciate all the support KS has been given. The support workers have worked hard with KS to ensure he maintains his independence. Thank you
Parents of a Deaf client based in the East Midlands

What you think?

YOUchoose consortium is a great idea! Real opportunity for us to work together to aim for the best care & support available for our service users!
Roisin Gray, Deaf Smart


Our Pledge

YOUchoose works with partner organisations to deliver PA services throughout the UK.

With this way of working, we make sure the high quality is consistent and clients get exactly the right support for them.

Our Partners

Organisations that are currently working together:

DeafCOG PA Service (Sussex)

GDA_2 Gloucestershire Deaf Association

MDC logo Manchester Deaf Centre

Deafsmart Deaf Smart (Shropshire)

AD_logo_approved_2015-e1431696410780 Action Deafness Community PA Service (Midlands)


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    YOUchoose is a consortium of partner organisations. The name and website is wholly owned by the charitable company, Action Deafness.